Saturday, November 28, 2015

Irreconcilable Differences

A convicting gem from the wise pen of John Owen in The Glory of Christ:
It is to be feared that there are some who profess religion with an appearance of strictness who never separate themselves from all other occasions to meditate on Christ and His glory. Yet, with a strange inconsistency of apprehensions, they will profess that they desire nothing more than to behold His glory in heaven forever. But it is evident, even in the light of reason, that these things are irreconcilable. It is impossible that he who never meditates with delight on the glory of Christ here in this world, who labors not to behold it by faith as it is revealed in the Scripture, should ever have any real gracious desire to behold it in heaven. They may love and desire the fruition of their own imaginations; they cannot do so of the glory of Christ of which they are ignorant and with which they are unacquainted. It is, therefore, to be lamented that men can find time for, and have inclinations to think and meditate on, other things, which are earthly and vain; but have neither heart, nor inclination, nor leisure to meditate on this glorious object. What is the faith and love which such men profess? How will they find themselves deceived in the issue!

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